Cloud Solutions

Online & Offsite Backup Solutions

  • We have a few different solutions to get your valuable data offsite. We offer an online backup that sends your data directly to the cloud. We also offer offsite backups for your virtualized server infrastructure that go to one of RBSK’s locations in southeastern Indiana.


  • We offer a Cloud Managed computer/server anti-virus solution that helps protect against viruses, malware, and ransomware. Always up-to-date so there are no costly upgrade fees when a new version with new features is released!

Spam Filtering

  • Does your email host lack the spam filtering and control you desire? Are you getting all kinds of junk and no way to prevent it? We have a solution that allows you to keep your current email provider, but allows you to get your SPAM under control.

Email Hosting

  • No more need to host your own email onsite and risk having an outage and missing critical email, or spend a lot of money on server and software upkeep. See our Microsoft Office 365 page for more information.

Email Migrations

  • We can seamlessly migrate all of your email from your current host to Office 365 with no down time, and little effort on your part.