HC3®: The Virtualization Platform designed to deliver simplicity, availability, and scalability in a single hyperconverged appliance.

Scale Computing’s HC3 virtualization platform is a complete ‘datacenter in a box’ with server, storage and virtualization integrated into a single appliance delivered at a fraction of the cost.

Virtualization The Old Way Virtualization The HC3 Way


Rather than treat storage, servers, virtualization, and management as different datacenter silos, HC3 brings these components together in a single, unified system. This unified architecture, which includes advanced automation features, allows IT administrators to focus on managing applications, not infrastructure. HC3 lowers out-of-pocket costs and radically simplifies the infrastructure by eliminating the need for external storage, virtualization licensing, or deep-dive training on virtual infrastructure. HC3 products make deploying and managing a highly available, scalable, and high performance infrastructure as easy as managing a single server.


Scale Computing incorporated high availability into every level of the HC3 architecture design including hypervisor-level VM failover, storage resiliency, redundant hardware components, and even failover between HC3 clusters. Every VM created on HC3 is automatically highly available. HC3 stripes and mirrors data across all of the drives in the cluster similar to RAID 10 architecture so there is no single point of failure. In the event of a failed node, HC3 automatically determines placement and restarts the virtual machines on other nodes. This clustered architecture provides all of the fault tolerance, redundancy, and automation built in for a highly available infrastructure.


Grow on demand. HC3’s clustered, scale out architecture allows you to seamlessly add capacity as you need it, eliminating the need to overprovision and pay for resources you won’t be using. Simply add nodes when needed to increase performance, compute and storage capacity. This architecture future-proofs your infrastructure allowing users to add newer, better, faster nodes into the infrastructure as they become available. Your business’s growth is unpredictable. With HC3, you no longer have to play the guessing game or attempt to forecast for the unknown, what you’ll need in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years. Simply add capacity and performance as you need it.

Efficiency & Performance

While most hyperconverged products integrate storage using a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA), Scale’s HC3 integrates storage with the hypervisor allowing for a streamlined IO path and superior performance with less hardware resources. This architecture eliminates the need for a Controller VM that runs alongside your other important workloads competing for resources. Even in the SMB, performance matters. HC3 utilizes a technique called widestriping to make use of all drives in all nodes of the cluster, aggregating the drives capabilities for maximum read/write IOPs. For those workloads that would benefit from the added performance provided by SSD, Scale’s tiering functionality uses the same wide-striping technique across all available SSDs in the cluster. With HC3, SSDs are a performance option…not a requirement to mask the performance inefficiency of the architecture.

Benefits of Scale Computing’s HC3 Virtualization Platform

HC3 was designed to make the traditional concepts of server, storage and virtualization obsolete. Scale Computing is leading the way in hyperconvergence for the SMB, what analysts are identifying as an integrated architecture of server, storage and virtualization.

Moving Away From VMware or Hyper-V

For those businesses currently running VMware or Hyper-V facing expensive upgrades to either the infrastructure or the software stack, there’s an alternative. With no additional licensing or hardware to purchase, HC3 is an affordable and easy to use option for virtualization that provides the high availability, scalability and performance needed for the SMB.

First-Time Virtualizers

Virtualization has gone mainstream. The reasons are endless as to why you should virtualize. If you are planning virtualization for some or all of your workloads, don’t get trapped into outmoded, complex virtualization architecture. Automation and scalability allow you to converge and simplify your infrastructure, while growing your business.

Remote Office/Branch Office

Businesses are growing, and branch and remote offices are essential to that growth. HC3 is built to be a highly automated virtualization platform that can enable a remote/branch office environment. Server, storage and virtualization integrated into one appliance allows for simple deployment and management to branch/remote office environments.

Cost Savings

HC3 drastically reduces cost over traditional virtualization vendors who force you to buy licenses per feature, and additional hardware such as a SAN or NAS. Add management software and before you know it, the cost has spiraled out of control. With HC3, you have no additional licensing or hardware to purchase.

Reduced OPEX And Management Time

HC3 allows you to focus on the business. Not only does HC3 control the hardware cost, but also simplifies management of virtualization. HC3 is simple to deploy, provision, and manage. No specialized certifications or skill sets are required, nor cumbersome procedures, just simplified infrastructure to keep your applications up and running.

Continuous High Availability

Keeping the importance of uptime in mind, HC3 has built-in high availability across all nodes and VMs. This eliminates the headache of figuring out HA needs, segmenting workloads and applications, and wasting time and resources on a cumbersome process. Even software updates happen non-disruptively. HC3 HA means you will never have to worry.